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In Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Open the Door to the Global Leadership of the Future:

Global MBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

In the rapidly changing market, new generations of entrepreneurs are expected to bring innovation and creativity, yet responsible leadership to their ecosystem.      At The COLLMAN, we embrace these challenges and introduce to you the GMBA program, a unique integrative one-year study program, which offers cutting-edge entrepreneurial education, by renowned faculty members and experts from the industry in Israel and abroad. The program is designed to provide a multi-cultural environment, academic models and methods merged with practical knowledge; thus guaranteeing the development highly relevant networking, community involvement, digital and applied experience, along with a new frontier in educational material.

As an academic institution that develops and delivers cutting-edge programs, we see our main task as facilitating our GMBA students’ academic, personal and social development, so they may successfully navigate themselves in the global market, to innovate, dare, initiate and lead anywhere and anyone around the world.

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Empowering Your 21st Century Skills:

Professional knowledge that will accelerate your career

The GMBA students, will be exposed to a diversified range of modules, drawing on the industry’s views on the most imperative topics for students’ employability, to new technologies and new trends strongly embedded in the program, guaranteeing that the students acquire of the most advanced knowledge and tools.

Consequently, our program will prepare students to become highly employable professionals in the following roles:

Entrepreneurs: Starting new businesses
Managers of departments and hubs of innovation in existing companies
Key position holders (lawyers, CPAs, consultants) in leading jobs in startups
Originators and leaders of accelerators and entrepreneurial communities
Mentors, consultants and advisors to startups and entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurs with social impact in the community and ecosystem

LEARN BY DOING – the Highlights of the Educational Process

The academic program is intertwined with applied internship and practicum programs in leading companies and startups. Students will take an active part in an Israeli startup companies and their different departments and roles, including in innovation, production, finance, marketing and investments-related processes.

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Students will participate in an exceptional virtual experience with students from various institutions around the world. Such an experience is aimed at setting the foundation for creating new, internationally-driven joint business ventures.

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The incubator program allows you to make your dreams a reality. Our professional team will lead you from the ideation process to business plan development and up to the production process of building an MVP. You will meet the most important people that will help you boost your ideas into real ventures.

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We provide a set of tools that will enable you to think, talk and plan as a web/cellular developer, understanding the coding world, UX, UI, and so much more.

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Students will be introduced to a variety of entrepreneurial competitions, events, communities, experts and investors meetings initiated and conducted by the GMBA staff. These activities affirm students’ hands-on experience and intensive exposure to the core of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Israel.

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Leading figures from the entrepreneurial landscape will accompany you and your colleagues in small teams throughout the year in personal and customized activities. You will recieve a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the Israeli entrepreneurial ecosystem, e.g., investors, accelerators, high-tech companies, etc.

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The courses include the following tracks:

  • Management and business courses – strategy, accounting, marketing, finance.
  • Entrepreneurship – startups, social impact entrepreneurship, e.g., managing new ventures, financing startups, digitalized marketing for entrepreneurial businesses.
  • Innovation – including courses in ideation and design thinking, corporate entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Technology and new trends – courses in Payton, workshops in Machine Learning and AI.

Why is The COLLMAN GMBA Degree right for you?

Our GMBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation is targeting exceptional candidates from diverse backgrounds that have a passion towards developing new products and services, innovate and lead in the global industry and the ecosystem.

Students and graduates of the GMBA will be equipped with a professional set of tools, entrepreneurial capabilities, innovative and open mindsets and relevant networks to start their own businesses, as well as bring innovation to in existing companies.

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  • Program starts: October 27th, 2019
  • Sunday 8:00 AM- 4:00 PM
  • Tuesday 4:00 PM -10:00 PM
  • Friday 8:00 AM-2:00 PM
  • The program is flexible, and blends F2F with virtual classes, hence enabling students to take some of the courses at their own pace, time and location.


All students coming to Israel for a semester, a year or an entire degree program must acquire a multiple-entry A-2 student visa or Israeli citizenship status from the Israeli embassy or consulate in their country of residence before arriving in Israel. This visa is generally issued for 12 months, thus students who are coming for the year are advised to obtain the visa close to their date of departure. If needed, the visa can be extended yearly until the end of the student’s studies.

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