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Professional Certificates that will accelerate your career

The COLLMAN has formed an exceptional and unique selection of professional online and Face-to-Face customized certificates, designed to create a collaborative network to share ideas, initiatives, innovations, experiments, face challenges from the Ecosystem and  create new possibilities and solutions and to get familiarity with the global ecosystem. Our professional certificates are based on a cutting-edge teaching methods, which combine the most innovative cross-disciplinary knowledge and fields.

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The Virtual Incubator

A unique platform that developed together with our partner institutions that facilitates planning the venture creation by rigorously motivating its participants to look for opportunities, inspiration, tools and networking. As a virtual platform, it enables students from any place to collaborate and get further acquainted with peers and mentors around the world.

The Virtual Incubator supported by the European commission program.

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Accelerator Certificate

Entrepreneurial ideas require Incubation and Acceleration processes to develop into successful businesses, through innovation enhancement, value creation and development of competitive and sustainable advantages.

Incubators and Accelerators, are already proven promising platforms for attainment of skills, mindsets and networks that boost entrepreneurial endeavors into actual businesses.

We offer a newly developed, innovative ‘academic package’ certificate, that teaches how to develop, manage and scale I&As. Developed by academic experts and practitioners, the ‘package’ consists of rich, cutting-edge content, involving the best figures from the entrepreneurial field.

In collaboration with BDO Israel – accounting and consulting firm and GKH- law firm.

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Mentoring the Mentors

Israel’s Directors Union (IDU) in collaboration with NOVUS CENTER OF ENTREPERNORSHIP at The COLLMAN, is proud to announce the launch of a pioneer course- a new standard in qualifying mentors.

We offer professional certificates based on cutting-edge teaching methods, which aim to structure and establish the mentor’s role in the startup ecosystem:

The course participants will gain a set of skills that will qualify them to mentor in various fields, such as Venture Capital firms, Incubators, Accelerators and Innovation Hubs. All participants will be awarded a “Mentoring Certificate” from IDU and The COLLMAN at the end of the course.

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