Professional Workshops and Joint Courses

with the Ecosystem

The COLLMAN collaborates with various leading institutes and corporations to co-create and manage jointly online and Face-to-Face workshops and courses.

Our professional workshops and joint courses are designed for anyone looking to learn about new approaches in business; face challenges from the ecosystem; create new possibilities and solutions to the industry by generating innovative and entrepreneurial skills and knowledge; meet with leading figures from the ecosystem and experience the academia from a practical standpoint. Our professional workshops and joint courses are based on a cutting-edge teaching methods, which combine the most innovative cross-disciplinary knowledge and fields.

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Problem Based Learning (PBL)

Problem Based Learning (PBL) has become an integral part of the 21stCentury academic methods. When students are faced with solving real world problems and challenges, they are encouraged to think more critically and work collaboratively.

By using the Problem Based Learning method, outstanding students from both The COLLMAN and the partner institutions spend a week abroad and a week in Israel, working in mixed groups on a solution for a problem presented by a renowned company or corporation from a specific industry. At the end of the program, the groups demonstrate and present their innovative solutions to the company executives in a Demo Day.

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Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a method of applying creativity to come up with novel solutions to complex problems. The students will be provided with the knowledge and fundamental understanding of creativity, innovation, and some contemporary approaches. The course will cover models, key principles, methods and techniques in innovation and design thinking, including their applications.

As part of the course, students from both The COLLMAN and the partner institution spend a week abroad working in mixed groups on a problem presented by a renowned company or corporation from a specific industry, by using the Design Thinking process to come up with new, cutting-edge solutions.

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Start-up Nation Experience

You are invited to be inspired by the unique Israeli innovative and entrepreneurial vibe. Go through a guided ideation process and present your formulated idea to various crowds, meet successful Israeli entrepreneurs, identify entrepreneurial traits in yourself and develop creative thinking, risk management skills and how to cope with uncertainty. Delve into the fundamentals of the new venture creation by immersing in dynamic discussions, solving complex challenges, designing an environment that fosters creative solutions and learning skills such as visualization, mapping, creating feasibility maps and storytelling.

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